Everyone! Michelle’s an old classmate from high school and her family really needs help right now. Please click on the link & if you can, help her out. Reblogs are also appreciated! 

Heyy!! Making another post asking for these yeah… see I’m in financial trouble and there are numerous things (food, bills, pets) I need money for. So I would appreciate spreading the word, or anything to be honest. I’m never sure how to thank people that have already helped me out so much maybe one day I’ll get a call back so I don’t have to pester you guys anymore. Onto business…
Full body pictures are all A4 size 350 dpi so they can be printed out at your leisure once you get them. The rest are still all pretty large but I wouldn’t recommend printing them out on anything other than a small post card. 
Prices may vary depending on what you ask for. Line art is naturally a cheaper selection that’s $20-25 depending on if you want shading or not. 
Let me know if you want them to be transparent for blogs!
As always, email me to discuss terms. I won’t be on tomorrow so I will answer any emails on Sunday or Monday.
Thanks for everything guys I really appreciate all of you so much. ♥


"PINK IS BROKE" Commish Info!
Hey guys! I’m offering commissions in the style above because I’m in need of some financial support! Lines with simple, blocked in color. The base price is for busts (as pictured).
- For down to the waist, +$5 to the single character price.
- For full body, +$8 to the single character price.
I only accept Paypal. Sorry about the inconvenience!Please feel free to contact me about any questions.
I’ll draw: Fanart, OCs, Gore, NSFW (will cost a little extra), BBBs, Body Hair, No Hair, Clothes, No Clothes, Girly, Manly, Kids, BURLY KIDS???; pretty much anything. Please let me know if you’re unsure. Chances are I’ll say yes but in case you can think of something I can’t.
I’d appreciate any reblogs or referrals to help spread this thing around! Thank you guys so so much for everything!!! <3

I know it hasn’t been long since I posted but reblogging for the daytime.
Thank you to those who have reblogged!! ;_______; you guys are too nice to me in your tags. Love you guys, thank you and I’m sorry… OTL

backgrounds are either a solid color or transparent
no full bodies, theyll be cut off like in the examples
no nsfw
anthro/furries are fine!
payment through paypal

I’ve been wanting to do commissions for a long time now, and here I am!
If you want to commission me, please send an email to to tell me what you’d like. If possible, please include references for your character!
I’ll sketch it out (that’s going to look something like this) and we can make changes if you want. Payment happens when you’re OK with the sketch! It’ll take about 1 to 3 days depending on how big/complicated the commission is.
If you want more examples of my art, please check out my art tag here. These commissions will only be done in the style of the examples (binary tool), though!
Thank you!!